Lincor Enterprises Ltd. - Professional painting and papering, since 1980...

Congratulations! You’ve landed on the Home Page of Lincor Enterprises Ltd. Whether you manage a warehouse, a recreation centre, a strip mall, one or more commercial properties – or any facility of any size – you’ll find that Lincor’s professional approach guarantees you a job well done, every time. Our reliability and thoroughness means your painting or repainting gets done, without headaches, miscues, delays, or unnecessary disruptions to your work or business environment. And that frees you to concentrate on all the other important things you have to do. You’ll find that we are a company that:
  • Is organized and on time
  • Has well-trained employees who perform their jobs properly
  • Can adapt to the requirements of the job and the budget
  • Provides accurate, no-surprises estimates
  • Sticks to timetables
  • Sticks to commitments
Please click on our links, take a few minutes to get to know us – and discover why we say: “Professional Painting Pays.”